My Imaginary Kitchen Makeover

My love for my kitchen would be complete with a makeover. So, why not put it on paper and when the big ship comes in over the horizon or the heavens opens up and rains down on us it will already be on paper.

Ok, so right now I am not in the position to do that what I would love to do someday, which is to remodel my kitchen. My kitchen is the space I spent most of my time and I love my kitchen. It’ my space.

My love for my kitchen would be complete with a makeover. So, why not put it on paper and when the big ship comes in over the horizon, or the heavens opens up and rains down on us it will already be on paper.

So, here follows an account of my kitchen remodeling that I have designed in my mind.

For my Windows
First things first, I may need to break out the kitchen in places. I want a large window overlooking the scene in front of our home. It needs to be above my washing area so that while I’m slaving over the dishes, I might as well enjoy the swimming pool framed by the mountains, surrounded by all the flowers, trees and green grass. What a view!

I also want large sliding doors replacing my wooden front door that can be flung open widely to once again drink in the farm’s beauty and tranquillity. All the windows in the kitchen need to be large and imposing so that you get the feeling of actually being outside while being inside.

Hence, I did some searching and the conclusion I got to was picture windows. They are designed for this very purpose, for bringing the beauty from outside, inside. Its purpose is to frame the outside like a frame frames a portrait.

I like wooden frames, thus, I looked at the types of frames and realized that though wood is beautiful, if I want minimal maintenance it’s not the way to go. Wood also responds to the weather, expanding and contracting as moisture levels rise and fall.

Ok, so I was a bit disappointed but ready to take the risk as I want my wooden windows, but then I came across composite frames. They are very stable, they have the same or even better structural and thermal properties as conventional wood. However, the biggest plus of all, they have better moisture and decay resistance. Whoop-whoop, problem solved.

Windows done and dusted. Now we can look at the actual kitchen.

My Kitchen space

So, my number one problem is?

I actually have a bathroom in my kitchen area.

Say what?

You heard right, the kitchen space is actually an old bungalow and the house was added to this structure. And right smack in the middle of my kitchen space is a door, open the door and voila, a bathroom. Complete with bath and loo.

There used to be a basin as well, but we removed it and my washing machine resides here now. This space needs to be knocked out and be gone from my kitchen.

Now, try to return to the kitchen from this vile space, you can do it!
There we go.

Looking at my round space, the bungalow has been fitted with a long kitchen counter smack dab in the middle. This counter runs from the wall to the center of the room and includes my stove which is practically built next to the wall.

Behind the stove is my washing area. This area runs alongside the outside wall and the wall of the bathroom, thus, forming a narrow passageway. It is only big enough for one person to work comfortable in, 2 if no one is moving, just standing next to each other.

Consequently, we will have to knock out the bathroom walls and remove the existing counter from the middle of the kitchen. Once we remove all the rubble and have an open space, the planning can start.

The butcher block island
I love butcher blocks, so I want an island with a butcher block surface. I also want it to be wide enough to seat chairs, so there is space in the kitchen to eat together. The seats need to be arranged in an L or U shape so that we can sit and look each other in the eye, not wonder what the guy at the end of the line is doing. Quality family time.

Thus, with the seats on the one side, the other side of the island must hold my stove. My 6 plate gas stove still loving the dream.

Ooh, ooh yes, now imagine this. A spice rack that pulls out from the butcher block turns out and rests on top of the butcher block. When you're all done it just lowers back into place for a uniform look with the butcher block hidden out of sight but still in reach when needed. I love it.

Ok, so I know stove together with the seating space - frown. Ok well, in my head its space sufficient. Then when the chairs are gone, I can use the table as work space as in the image above.

My washing area needs to follow the curve of the wall. There need to be double basins, and of course, my picture window needs to be installed above the basin area. Then, whoever is doing the washing up, is enjoying the view. Look at these gorgeous basins, I will have to go in search of these because this will complete my picturesque view.

Cork Flooring
Ok, I have looked at tiles, stone, and vinyl, but when I read about cork flooring, I loved it. Yes, it requires loads of maintenance but it is surely worth it.

Cork floors need to be sealed every 3-5 years by using natural wax and polyurethane. To keep it green, I’ll use a polyurethane that is non-toxic. Sealing it helps to prevent moisture entering the seams and it guards against scratches.

Cork flooring is made of the bark of trees. Thus, it is eco- friendly and its soft under the feet. Nice, as I spent a lot of time barefoot in the kitchen. It is slip resistant and waterproof as well making it perfect, as we all know with kids there is always spills. The added bonus, it will go nicely with my “wooden” windows complimenting the beauty of nature outside.

How gorgeous are those floors? Cork it is.
With all the breaking and building and flooring completed, let’s look at some details.

I’m looking at curved counter tops and cupboards perfect for the bungalows curviness. Now imagine these cupboards Country style added to the perfect layout and design. Additionally, I have to consider the correct lighting, however, with so many windows bringing in light, lighting needs will be less.

And then you imagine all of it in this color and voila, you have my kitchen. And so we reach the end or maybe only the beginning of my dream Kitchen.